Northern Colorado Construction Accounting Services

At AuerCPA, we are passionate about helping our Northern Colorado construction clients realize maximum profits.

The commercial construction industry has its own special needs when it comes to effective accounting and business strategy. AuerCPA has the experience and a proven track record that will help you navigate all of the ups and downs, season in and season out.
We pride ourselves in understanding your bottom line. We look at what is working and what isn’t, then we map everything out, analyze the data, and create a business strategy that will get you to the best possible financial outcome, including you in the process all along the way.

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Job Costing

We look at everything involved in every job. This includes labor, materials, overhead (trucks, fuel, general liability insurance, workers’ compensation insurance, and more), and anything that is variable (like depreciation on trucks). The biggest advantage to job costing is to give you a benchmark to measure job profitability on every job in your company. In turn, the information gathered from job costing will enable you to predict and adjust future jobs accordingly.

Tax Strategy

We want you to know all about your construction business’ financial health before it’s time to pay taxes! No surprises. We will analyze where you are and make adjustments throughout the year to ensure you are paying only the taxes due – not too much and not too little.

Segmenting Customer Markets

You serve multiple markets. Some of your markets have sustained you, while some of your markets may be draining you. AuerCPA will segment your markets to determine maximum profitability. We may find that all of your markets are profitable! Great news! But we also may find that a market segment or two is totally impacting your bottom line by sucking up too many resources. In this case, we will encourage you to eliminate those non-profitable markets so that you can put your time and energy into the markets that are making you money.

We are here to help. We want to see you enjoy the fruits of your labor through effective financial practices in your construction company! AuerCPA is here to provide you with Compliance Services and Business Strategies so that you can Stress Less and Grow More!

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I am so pleased with the work of Craig Auer and his team. Craig has personally taken care of us by helping us improve our cash flow by setting up new cash flow budgets. He reorganized our accounting with job costing and segmentation which has enabled us to track our costs a lot better. And, in addition to getting our taxes filed in a timely manner, Craig has also helped us with our banking relationships. I would highly recommend using AuerCPA Co. to other construction service providers and commercial construction owners.

Mike Anson, Anson Excavating & Pipe, Inc. and Moffat Limestone