About AuerCPA: Your Financial Partner in Growth

We are a Northern Colorado accounting firm dedicated to providing you with compliance services and business strategies so that you can stress less and grow more. We strive to share and implement our core values every day with our staff, our clients and our community.

Our Service Spectrum
At AuerCPA, we do more than just traditional accounting. Here’s how we can help your business:
  • Compliance Services: We keep track of the tax law so you don’t get caught out.
  • Business Strategies: We help plan your money matters so your business can grow.
  • Financial Analysis: Using your financial data, we analyze your business to determine your most profitable services, industries, or client types.
  • Entrepreneurial Tips: Advice for new and old businesses to make sure you’re on the right track.
  • Help for Construction & Contractors: Special accounting help for those in the building business.
  • Accounting Subscription: A year-round service ensuring your taxes and finances are in experienced hands at all times.
  • Tax Review: Skilled review of your tax documents to ensure accuracy and maximize benefits.
  • P&L Review: Comprehensive Profit and Loss statement analysis to highlight opportunities and areas for improvement.
  • Bookkeeping: We keep your financial records clean and easy to understand.
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Our Commitment
You focus on what you do best, and let us ensure your business thrives.

Our Legacy

AuerCPA was born in Northern Colorado with a singular vision:

  • Assist businesses and entrepreneurs
  • Provide top-notch financial advice
  • Foster growth and success

Not Just Any Firm

We stand apart because:

  • We address immediate financial challenges,
  • We chart pathways for your business’s future growth,
  • Our team understands the unique nature of each business, giving customized advice.

Meet The Team Behind Your Financial Success

At AuerCPA, we’re more than just number crunchers.
We’re a team who really cares. We want to help your business do better with money.

  • We love to learn, so we always know the latest ways to help.
  • We take time to get to know your business inside out.
  • We make plans that fit just right for you.

With us, you get more than just accountants. You get a partner to help your business grow.

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What Auer Clients Say

“AuerCPA streamlined my multi-state business by creating two S-Corporations – one in each State. It saved me a ton in taxes and gave me peace of mind knowing I could easily pay myself utilizing a payroll service!”

Amy Davis, Realtor

A Glimpse into Our Impact: A Case Study

Maximizing Profitability Through Financial Insight


Background: A manufacturer came to us looking for ways to optimize profitability across their market segments.


Challenge: They served diverse markets: Hotel, Store Front, School Related, and Residential. But which was the most profitable?


Our Approach: Using “job costing”, we analyzed each segment, unveiling the hidden costs and profits.


Outcome: Our insights revealed that the Hotel sector was draining resources. By strategically focusing on more profitable segments, the client increased their revenue by 3.3% the following year. Their net income jumped from $75,000 to $230,000 within that period.

At AuerCPA, these success stories are what drive us. We’re committed to ensuring that our clients’ financial narratives are tales of success, growth, and prosperity.

Embracing the Colorado Spirit

When we’re not crunching numbers, our team is all about the Colorado spirit:

  • Enjoying the peaceful lakes,
  • Breathing the fresh mountain air,
  • Cheering for our CSU Rams.
aerial view of Craig Colorado Downtown Businesses

Partnering with AuerCPA means

You’re not just another client – you become part of our community. We’re passionate about helping your business thrive. When you are successful, it makes us successful!

Empower Your Business Growth with Strategic Accounting

Every Business Has a Beginning:
Starting a business can be financially challenging. If you’re grappling with back taxes or past financial worries, you’re not alone.

Our Holistic Approach:
At AuerCPA, we don’t just look at the present. We take a 360-degree view:

  • We address past financial hurdles,
  • We manage your current finances,
  • We create a plan for your prosperous future.

Ready to Thrive?
Let’s set your business on the path to financial triumph. Reach out to us today.

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