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AuerCPA in Fort Collins, Colorado

Welcome to your trusted partner for all your accounting needs in beautiful Fort Collins, Colorado! Our firm specializes in a wide array of services, encompassing tax accounting, bookkeeping, payroll management, audits, commercial real estate accounting, agricultural financial services, and even specialized accounting for the recreation and service industries.

At AuerCPA, we are passionately dedicated to serving the thriving small business community in Fort Collins and its surrounding areas. Our wealth of experience is rooted in our profound understanding of the distinctive challenges and opportunities faced by local businesses. Beyond our financial know-how, we take pride in our role within this vibrant community, actively contributing to its economic growth and overall stability.


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Fort Collins, CO 80521


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Our Services

Tax Preparation

AuerCPA specializes in offering personalized tax strategies for our business clients, including realtors, real estate investors, independent contractors, and the self-employed. We get to know you and your business, allowing us to set you up for success when it comes to managing your finances and tax liability.

Small Business Accounting

We’re your reliable partners and advisors, providing comprehensive support for your small business. From part-time bookkeeping and monthly accounting to tax preparation and part-time CFO services, we handle all the numbers so you can focus on your business.

Financial Planning

We are dedicated to fostering your business success through open and honest communication, coupled with a commitment to sharing our proficiency and knowledge. By providing you with clear and comprehensive information, we empower you to make informed decisions that will ultimately lead to your financial peace of mind.

Why Choose Us

For all your corporate accounting and financial intricacies in Fort Collins, Colorado, AuerCPA is your steadfast partner. Whether it’s entrepreneurial bookkeeping, construction financials, holistic tax strategies, payroll solutions, agricultural financial insights, or specialized offerings for the hospitality sector, we’re here for you.

Craig Auer, CEO/Assurer of Client Satisfaction: What sets Craig apart in the realm of accounting is his deep connection with his clients. Craig’s journey, much like those of his clients, spans from being an employee to a corporate executive, from running a retail store as a sole proprietor to leading a service business as its owner. With three decades under his belt, Craig has significantly optimized overheads for countless businesses. While Fort Collins remains his primary base, his reach extends across Colorado, nationwide, and even as far as Hawaii! It’s his unyielding commitment to his clients, complemented by his passion, that has made him pivotal in ushering businesses to success through meticulous planning, budgeting, financial reporting, and robust systems and controls. Outside the office, Craig’s adventurous spirit shines. He’s taken the plunge bungee jumping in Mexico, ziplined across scenic spots, and mastered the thrills of wakeboarding.

Michael, Assurer of Client Satisfaction: An integral part of AuerCPA Co. for over six years, Michael’s skill in accounting shines brightest when strategizing for clients. As he aptly puts it, “We’re not just here for the taxes. We’re here to add tangible value, helping our clients envision and tread alternate paths to reach their aspirations.” Michael cherishes the open dialogue and collaborative spirit at AuerCPA Co., where teams unite, innovate, and converse freely. His tenure began with roles in payroll and bookkeeping, eventually leading him to Colorado State University, where he graduated in Business with an emphasis on Accounting. Presently, he’s furthering his acumen with an MBA in Accounting from CSU Global. Beyond spreadsheets, Michael’s heart lies in board games, video games, and lively moments with friends. A proud father to two spirited children, he upholds a simple belief – prioritize family, and the rest will follow.

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What Auer Clients Say

“AuerCPA streamlined my multi-state business by creating two S-Corporations – one in each State. It saved me a ton in taxes and gave me peace of mind knowing I could easily pay myself utilizing a payroll service!”

Amy Davis, Realtor

Why We Love Fort Collins, Colorado

AuerCPA is deeply ingrained in the spirited business community of Fort Collins, Colorado. Our unwavering dedication is a testament to our thriving partnerships with local small businesses, the agricultural sector, and the bustling construction scene. We don’t just operate here; we’re an integral part of a college town teeming with entrepreneurial energy and a dynamic spirit.

Committed To The Fort Collins Way

Our commitment to the dynamic Fort Collins community runs deep, as we’ve had the privilege of serving this thriving college town for years.

We actively engage with the Fort Collins Chamber of Commerce, support local initiatives, and participate in various community projects. We believe in contributing to the entrepreneurial zeal that defines this remarkable college community. Fort Collins isn’t just where we work; it’s where we’re inspired, where businesses thrive, and where we’ve forged enduring connections.

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AuerCPA – Fort Collins, Colorado

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