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AuerCPA in Meeker, Colorado

Introducing AuerCPA, your reliable ally for comprehensive accounting solutions in Meeker, Colorado! Our dedicated team offers a diverse array of services, including personal tax filing, business tax accounting, bookkeeping, payroll management, commercial construction accounting, and agricultural accounting. 

AuerCPA is committed to supporting the small business landscape in Meeker, Colorado, and nearby regions. Our proficiency is grounded in a profound understanding of the distinct challenges and opportunities inherent in local enterprises. Apart from delivering top-notch accounting services, we recognize the significance of our role in fostering the economic growth and stability of this community.


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Our Services

Tax Preparation

AuerCPA specializes in offering personalized tax strategies for our business clients, including realtors, real estate investors, independent contractors, and the self-employed. We get to know you and your business, allowing us to set you up for success when it comes to managing your finances and tax liability.

Small Business Accounting

We’re your reliable partners and advisors, providing comprehensive support for your small business. From part-time bookkeeping and monthly accounting to tax preparation and part-time CFO services, we handle all the numbers so you can focus on your business.

Financial Planning

We are dedicated to fostering your business success through open and honest communication, coupled with a commitment to sharing our skills and knowledge. By providing you with clear and comprehensive information, we empower you to make informed decisions that will ultimately lead to your financial peace of mind.

Why Choose Us

For all your business’s financial needs in Meeker, Colorado, turn to AuerCPA—the trusted partner you can depend on. Whether it’s personal taxes, small business accounting, bookkeeping, tax planning, or payroll management, we’ve got you covered. AuerCPA, previously Taxtime, has been taking care of the Meeker community for over 40 years.

Meet Kalene Reidinger, a tax professional with a passion for solving complex tax puzzles and helping people and businesses with their taxes. As the successor to Taxtime Business Services, AuerCPA is committed to providing exceptional tax preparation services. Kalene is an integral part of our team, and she’s here to assist taxpayers and small businesses in Meeker and surrounding areas. Whether you’re an individual or a local business in or around Meeker, Kalene brings years of valuable experience. She takes pride in putting together the financial pieces to create the best possible tax outcomes for our clients. With Kalene’s experience and dedication, you can be confident that your taxes are in good hands.

Every business has its starting point, and the accounting path isn’t always clear. Whether you’re dealing with back taxes or uncertainties from past bookkeeping decisions, AuerCPA is right there with you. Developing a solid tax and business strategy isn’t just about today’s numbers—it’s about understanding and addressing past nuances and ensuring a strong forecast for future growth. We understand that each company and entrepreneur has a unique accounting story. At AuerCPA, we delve into your accounting details and work alongside you to ensure your business is on a path to success.

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What Auer Clients Say

“AuerCPA streamlined my multi-state business by creating two S-Corporations – one in each State. It saved me a ton in taxes and gave me peace of mind knowing I could easily pay myself utilizing a payroll service!”

Amy Davis, Realtor

About Kalene Reidinger

Kalene Reidinger has deep family ties with the Meeker community, dating back to 1940. She has been an integral part of the community and has contributed her know-how to AuerCPA (formerly known as TaxTime) since September 2006. AuerCPA has been a cornerstone of Meeker’s financial landscape for almost four decades.

Kalene holds a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration from the University of Northern Colorado in Greeley. This is a testament to her commitment to academic excellence. Her journey into accounting began in 6th grade when a CPA visited her class during a job fair. She was inspired by the idea that she could grow up and work in the world of math and numbers, and help people using this skillset. This early decision laid the foundation for a successful and fulfilling career, marked by a genuine passion for helping clients navigate their financial landscapes.

Throughout her tenure, Kalene has demonstrated unwavering commitment and a hands-on approach to client service. Her philosophy revolves around making clients the top priority, ensuring personalized attention to meet their unique needs. Clients of TaxTime, many of whom have been with Kalene since 2006, appreciate the familiarity of a small-town relationship. In Meeker, she is not just an accountant but a familiar face around town, fostering a connection where clients are known by name, not just as numbers.

Outside of the accounting realm, Kalene cherishes the rustic hometown allure of Meeker, where approximately 2,500 people make up a tight-knit community. Together with her husband and daughter, she enjoys engaging in various outdoor activities throughout the year. From hiking and camping in warmer months to cross-country skiing, snowshoeing, and sledding during the winter, they make the most of all seasons in Meeker. Kalene appreciates the charm of Meeker, with its small-town paper, quaint atmosphere, and the opportunity to build connections beyond the professional sphere.

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Why We Love Meeker, Colorado

AuerCPA is deeply ingrained in the community of Meeker, Colorado, where the distinctive charm is reflected in its diverse economic sectors. We’re proud to be part of a town that thrives on the following key business sectors:

  • Agriculture: Meeker’s rich rural surroundings make agriculture a cornerstone of our community. We appreciate the hardworking farmers and ranchers who contribute to the town’s agricultural legacy.
  • Energy: Meeker’s proximity to energy resources has long been a driving force in our local economy. We value the role of the energy sector and its impact on the community.
  • Tourism and Recreation: Meeker’s natural beauty draws visitors seeking outdoor adventures. Whether it’s hunting, fishing, or exploring public lands, our town’s vibrant tourism and recreation sector brings life to our community.
  • Retail and Services: Local businesses are the heartbeat of Meeker, providing essential goods and services. We cherish the variety of retail establishments and service providers that meet the needs of residents and visitors alike.
  • Construction: Meeker’s ongoing development and infrastructure projects showcase the vitality of our construction sector. We take pride in contributing to the growth and enhancement of our town through these endeavors.

Committed To Local

Our commitment to Meeker, Colorado, extends beyond our work. Meeker is not just a place where we do business; it’s a community we call home, where each sector plays a vital role in shaping our collective identity. 

From the hardworking farmers to the friendly small business owners and the dedicated public servants, each member of this community plays a crucial role in making Meeker a unique and thriving place to live. We are committed to supporting and contributing to the growth and development of Meeker, and we are grateful to be a part of this wonderful community.

AuerCPA – Meeker, Colorado

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