Mastering Financial Resilience

It is no secret that Colorado businesses have been taken by surprise many times over the past 10 years. Fires in 2012, a major flood in 2013, fires in 2020, the Pandemic beginning in 2020 and continuing to affect us today, and then another fire destroying over 1000 structures including 600 homes at the end of December 2021. It’s a lot.

We cannot control these external circumstances, but AuerCPA wants to help you Prepare for Anything.

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What you need in case of emergency

  • Know your bank officer
  • A Line of Credit with your bank
  • Clean Books
  • Up-to-date Financial Statements
  • A “War chest” that includes:
    • 2-6 Months of fixed income expenses set aside and easily accessible
    • All important documents scanned and stored in a cloud-based storage system
    • A plan of action “In Case of Emergency” shared with key employees, executives, and owners
Build a crisis-ready financial foundation

Natural Disasters are not the only thing you should be prepared for.

You have many variables in business to consider.

These are just a few:

  • Inflation
  • Workforce shortage
  • Cash-flow problems
  • Investment and Market variability
  • Hidden costs due to new regulations

Resources available for the What If:

  • Restructure existing debt
  • SBA (Small Business Administration) Loan
  • Government Aid and Grants
  • Local and Regional Aid
  • Private or Angel Investors

Keep in mind…

The key to receiving any kind of investor or government assistance is to have Clean Books. You will be asked to present your current and past financial statements as well as previous income tax returns when you apply for small business loans and governmental or supplemental assistance. The AuerCPA staff continuously stays on top of all new regulations and compliance issues, as well as options for available funding.

We keep our clients up-to-date utilizing meetings, phone calls, and emails.

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“The Auer team has been clutch in all the years I have been with them; however, they were life savers in 2020. Not only did they help us by adjusting our projections throughout the year, they helped us by navigating the PPP paperwork and terms. I would have had to miss a lot MORE work if it had not been for them taking this off my plate. We truly enjoy our business planning meetings with them as they layout where we can make small adjustments to be available for more clients. Our business was able to do what we do best, because they do what they do best. We are so grateful for this team and look forward to their continued help.”

Shelly Beyerle, Owner, StraightLine Fitness Studio & Rocky Mountain Recovery
At AuerCPA, our job is to provide Compliance Services and Business Strategies so that you can Stress Less and Grow More.