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AuerCPA in Craig, Colorado

Meet your trusted partner for all your accounting needs in Craig, Colorado! We specialize in a wide range of services, including tax accounting, bookkeeping, payroll management, audits, commercial construction accounting, agricultural accounting, and even recreation related accounting matters.

AuerCPA is deeply committed to serving the small business community in Craig, Colorado, and its surrounding areas. Our proficiency is rooted in understanding the unique challenges and opportunities that local businesses face. Beyond our accounting services, we value our role within this community and aim to contribute to its economic growth and stability.


1598 Yampa Ave.
Craig, CO 81625


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Our Services

Tax Preparation

AuerCPA specializes in offering personalized tax strategies for our business clients, including realtors, real estate investors, independent contractors, and the self-employed. We get to know you and your business, allowing us to set you up for success when it comes to managing your finances and tax liability.

Small Business Accounting

We’re your reliable partners and advisors, providing comprehensive support for your small business. From part-time bookkeeping and monthly accounting to tax preparation and part-time CFO services, we handle all the numbers so you can focus on your business.

Financial Planning

We are dedicated to fostering your business success through open and honest communication, coupled with a commitment to sharing our skill and knowledge. By providing you with clear and comprehensive information, we empower you to make informed decisions that will ultimately lead to your financial peace of mind.

Why Choose Us

For all your business’s accounting and financial needs in Craig, Colorado, AuerCPA is the trusted partner you can rely on. From small business accounting to construction accounting, bookkeeping to tax planning, payroll management, agriculture accounting, and even specialized services for restaurants, we’ve got you covered.

Judy, our enrolled agent, has a true passion for helping people with their taxes and solving complex tax puzzles. She derives immense satisfaction from piecing together the financial elements to create favorable tax outcomes for our clients.

Every business starts from somewhere, and the path isn’t always clear in terms of accounting. Whether it’s back taxes or uncertainty from past decisions in bookkeeping, AuerCPA stands by your side. Crafting a sound tax strategy and business strategy isn’t solely about current numbers—it’s about understanding and addressing past nuances and ensuring a solid forecast for future growth. We recognize that every company and entrepreneur has their unique accounting narrative. At AuerCPA, we dive deep into your accounting and work alongside you ensuring your business is set on a trajectory for success.

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What Auer Clients Say

“AuerCPA streamlined my multi-state business by creating two S-Corporations – one in each State. It saved me a ton in taxes and gave me peace of mind knowing I could easily pay myself utilizing a payroll service!”

Amy Davis, Realtor

About Judy Lewis

Judy’s passion is helping people with taxes and solving financial “puzzles”. She loves to see the pieces of the financial puzzle and put them together to create a favorable financial picture and a good tax outcome for her clients. She loves working with the diverse and skilled team at AuerCPA Co. because together, they get things done!

Judy has been an Enrolled Agent for 4 years and has over 20 years of experience in accounting services. Early on, she worked for a heating and air conditioning company where she started out as a payroll clerk. With her hard work and education she steadily moved up the ladder and became the Controller of that company.

She later opened her own accounting firm in Craig, CO which was acquired by AuerCPA Co.

Judy holds a degree in Accounting from The University of Phoenix which she acquired while working full time and raising a family. She recently received her MBA with a specialization in Taxation from The University of Denver.

In her spare time, Judy enjoys four-wheeling, hiking in the mountains, spending time outdoors and hanging out with her husband, kids and grandkids.

Judy’s life philosophy is: “Find a goal, find a dream. You might not get it today, but keep pursuing it and you will achieve your goal.”

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Why We Love Craig, Colorado

AuerCPA is deeply rooted in the community of Craig, Colorado. Our commitment is reflected in our partnerships with the local small businesses, agricultural sectors, construction contractors, and the vital energy sector that collectively form the backbone of this region. We don’t just work here; we understand and value the unique dynamics of our town and its diverse enterprises.

Committed To Local

Our commitment to the vibrant town of Craig, Colorado, runs deep, as it has been our privilege to serve the local community for years.

We are actively involved in the Craig Chamber of Commerce, the Cancer Society, and the local United Way, because we believe in giving back to the community that has given us so much. Craig, Colorado, is not just where we work; it’s where we live, thrive, and make lasting connections.

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AuerCPA – Craig, Colorado

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