Fort Collins SBA Disaster Loan Forgiveness & Disaster Relief Resources

AuerCPA is your resource when you need help surviving a disaster or other setback that affects your business’s ability to operate.

Whether you are curious about SBA Disaster Loan forgiveness, need a small business loan, need to apply for EIDL (Economic Injury Disaster Loan) Grant, PPP (Payroll Protection Program) Loan, or access to other local grants, AuerCPA is on top of the applications, regulations, and resources needed to get you assistance in a swift and timely manner.
Northern Colorado has been hit with more than its fair share of disasters in the last 8 years. From the Big Thompson Flood in 2013 to the East Troublesome and Cameron Peak Fires in 2020 to the 2020 Pandemic – the businesses in our Fort Collins area have incurred some hard economic times.

Through any situation, the AuerCPA team is ready and available to our clients to talk through various options available and help make tough financial decisions in a small window of time.

From applying for disaster loans and grants to navigating the forgiveness process, we walk you through every step of the way.

Clients of AuerCPA are set up to be ready to apply for and receive whatever aid is offered through Federal, State and Local governments as well as the private sector as soon as it becomes available, with 100% of AuerCPA clients receiving the aid they needed through recent hardships.

The Importance of Clean Books

The key to being approved for disaster loans or grants is ensuring that each AuerCPA client has clean books, which our team maintains year-round. And our service doesn’t stop after the loan, grant or other aid is received; The AuerCPA staff continuously stays on top of all regulations and compliance issues. Recently, the SBA has asked recipients of EIDL loans to provide a board resolution from their company showing that the board approved getting an EIDL loan. Because of their tenacity and attention to detail, the AuerCPA team has provided the necessary documentation to show board approval.

The AuerCPA team will continue to monitor situations and keep their clients informed as new aid is offered.

At AuerCPA, our job is to provide Compliance Services and Business Strategies so that you can Stress Less and Grow More.

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The Auer team has been clutch in all the years I have been with them; however, they were life savers in 2020. Not only did they help us by adjusting our projections throughout the year, they helped us by navigating the PPP paperwork and terms. I would have had to miss a lot MORE work if it had not been for them taking this off my plate. We truly enjoy our business planning meetings with them as they layout where we can make small adjustments to be available for more clients. Our business was able to do what we do best, because they do what they do best. We are so grateful for this team and look forward to their continued help

Shelly Beyerle, Owner, StraightLine Fitness Studio & Rocky Mountain Recovery